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Off-Season Tax Office Hours:
May 17 2020 - Feb 1st 2021
Office Availability:  Mon - Friday By Appt Only
(Contact Your Tax Preparer For All Appts.)


Email For Our Professionals
Russell Landon: russell.wagtax@frontier.com (Bus & Fam Taxes)
Lois Wagner:  loisfwagner@frontier.com (Fam & Trusts Taxes)
Marietta Beck: marietta@wagnertaxservice.com (Tax Assistant)
Stacy Landon: stacy.wagtax@frontier.com (Accounting & Payroll)
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Phone Contact Numbers
Russell Landon:  951.296.0634  Ext. 2#
Lois Wagner: 951.296.0634  Ext. 3#
Marietta Beck: 951.296.0634 Ext 5#
Stacy (Payroll) 951.296.0634  Ext. 4#
Front Desk: 951.296.0634 Ext. 1#  Faxnumber: 866.490-9062

"When Taxes go so far as to in-trench on the subsistence of the people they become burdensome and oppressive."

- Robert Morris





Mortgage Banker Branch Manager

“Very polite, informed, conscientious and efficient. My tax return was completed very quickly without missing deductions which I always worry about. I feel I received excellent value.  As a Branch Manager; Wagner knew the types of deductions I could use: it could not have been much easier!”


Grove Service Corporation

“Wagner is wonderful. They have been with us since the beginning. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with their business or personal taxes.” Old school methods I'm used to were fine with them. Wagner developed an accounting plan that works the way we do. Such a help!"


Body Temple Tattoo Corporation

“Wagner's knowledge is excellent and outstanding. It's exactly what I needed with my business. What sets Wagner apart is thier experience in working with so many different types of businesses and different type of customers. We use them for all of our Accounting, Payroll & Tax needs."


Granite Construction Corporation

"A year after starting my corporation  I needed some help. I started using Wagner for my taxes, accounting, payroll, & bookkeeping. They keep me up to date and compliant as a corporation. Excellence, results, no complaints. Use these guys."

five-starsMary J

Wife & Mother

"Wagner Tax has prepared my personal taxes for over 20 years. My whole family including my children now have made the connection with Wagner Tax as well.  They are perfect!


JMI Construction Inc.

"After being referred to Wagner, Russell was able to incorporate my business at a much lower price than an attorney, yet Wagner was more knowledgeable especially on the tax issues and he had more than just answers to my formation questions. They do all the little things attorneys don't do. They can handle the whole process in any of the 50 States."