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Tax Audit Help

Complementary Audit Assistance

Wagner Tax Service offers complementary audit assistance to our current clients. This basic service is included in your tax preparation fee that you pay each year.  Audit Assistance gives you free audit guidance from your tax professional to help you understand your IRS notice and answer your audit-related questions. Free audit guidance It is limited to the last 3 tax years.

You Get:


  • One-on-one audit guidance (1 hour)  from your experienced tax professional;
  • Year-round answers to your audit questions;
  • Assistance with what to expect and how to prepare for the audit.

Does Not cover:


  • Corporate or Partnership LLC Audits;
  • 2012 or prior-year tax returns;
  • Audit representation/Audit appearance;
  • Audit legal advice;
  • Rejected Returns or Returns worked on but never filed;
  • Audit notices or letters received more than 3 years from the filing deadline for the return (not including extensions);



Additional Audit Support Add-On

Wagner Tax Service offers our “Audit Support” Plan for additional audit services. This is a fee based add on service. The cost is $100 (a $140 value) if purchased  before receiving a notice.  This extra support gives you additional year round audit services from your tax professional.

Pre-Purchase $100 at tax time (discounted)

Purchase $140  (anytime)

You Get:

  • All That Comes With Audit Assistance Plus;
  • Ongoing IRS Letter drafting for responses during the examination process
  • An additional 1 hour consult for secondary audit preparation/response
  • Review and explanation of Tax Audit findings
  • Research on issues involved in audit
  • Appeals Process Explanation
  • Audit Representation/Defense Referral for more complex audits or failed IRS Audit Agreement


Full Audit Representation (Expert Audit Specialists)

Wagner Tax Service does not specialize in Audit Representation. It is very IMPORTANT that you understand the difference between Audit Assistance/Support and Full Audit Representation. Many Circumstances can bring a person to feeling that they need this type of full service when it comes to IRS Audits. We’ve teamed up with a full Audit Representation Company to provide this service to people who want reassurance that everything will be handled on their behalf instead if them having to face the IRS Agent alone. This service is provided through a referral program that is not affiliated with Wagner Tax Service. Your Tax Professional will give you the contact details for the referral.

You Get:

  • Expert Audit Defense Service
  • Professional Case Evaluation
  • Defense of  your income tax return through the highest level of appeals.
  • Review your documentation before the IRS sees it.
  • Schedule and attend all State or Federal income tax audit appointments on your behalf.
  • Prepare requests for appeals conferences.
  • If necessary, prepare a U.S. Tax Court Petition.
  • Minimize the financial impact of a State or Federal income tax audit.



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